Saturday, November 26, 2011

Carla Ossa

Occasionally there comes along a model that just makes you stand up and take notice. Ladies and gentlemen, the lovely and gracious Carla Ossa. The Columbian-born model has appeared just about everywhere including TV commercials. There's plenty of pictures of her on the internets, but you won't find these images from JCPenney and Belks anywhere else but here.
Carla Ossa (Source: Belks 11-26-10)
Carla Ossa (Source: Belks 11-26-10)
Here's me with Carla Ossa wearing our imitation Snuggies. Just kidding! But I'd loved to snuggie with Carla.

Carla Ossa (Source: Belks 11-26-10)
According to one website, Carla was born on June 28, 1985. That would make her about 19 when these last two photos were taken.

Carla Ossa (Source: JCPenney 07-24-05)
Carla Ossa (Source: JCPenney 07-29-05)

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