Sunday, September 14, 2014

Back to School 2014

Join us as we celebrate back-to-school sales with the gals from the Kim Dawson Agency. This amazing “Quad Squad” includes Haley, Lynden, Lauren, Regan, Ariana, and sweet Devon. Looks like a great start to the new school year!

Devon Yarbrough and Lynden Orr (Belk 08-01-14)

Regan Kemper, Lynden Orr, Devon Yarbrough ( 2014)
Regan Kemper and Devon Yarbrough (Belk 08-15-14)
Regan Kemper and Devon Yarbrough ( 2014)
Lynden Orr and Lauren Fedak ( 2014)
Lynden Orr, Lauren Fedak, Devon Yarbrough, Haley Halter (Belk 08-09-14)
Here’s another view of Lynden in her red “necklace dress.” She’s surrounded by the wonderful people who produce these photos for Belk stores. We can't thank them enough.

Lynden Orr, Devon Yarbrough, Haley Halter (Belk 08-09-14)
Lynden Orr, Haley Halter (Belk 08-09-14)
Haley Halter, Lynden Orr, and Devon Yarbrough (Belk 08-09-14)
Lynden Orr, Haley Halter, Devon Yarbrough (Belk 08-09-14)
Haley Halter and Regan Kemper (Belk 08-15-14)
Regan Kemper, Devon Yarbrough, and Haley Halter (Belk 08-15-14)
Lauren Fedak and Devon Yarbrough (Belk 08-01-14)
Haley Halter (Belk 08-15-14)
Haley Halter and Devon Yarbrough (Belk 08-09-14)
Lauren Fedak and Devon Yarbrough (Belk 08-09-14)
Devon Yarbrough (Belk 08-09-14)
Lynden Orr (Belk 08-09-14)
Lynden Orr (JCPenney 08-07-14)
Lynden Orr and Meghan Takahashi (JCPenney 08-10-14)
Lynden Orr ( 2014)
Regan Kemper and Haley Halter ( 2014)

“Quad Squad” Team Members
Haley Halter
Lynden Orr
Lauren Fedak
Regan Kemper
Devon Yarbrough

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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Amanda Torrance, Part 2

Once again we present our favorite model of all time, the sweet and lovely Amanda! These carefully-selected and meticulously-scanned images all appeared in Kohl’s ads almost 8 years ago. As to where Amanda is these days, we are told she is living happily in California with her husband.

Amanda Torrance (Kohl's 11-24-06)
Amanda Torrance (Kohl's 01-01-06)
Amanda Torrance (Kohl's 11-24-06)
Mega Gouveia and Amanda Torrance (Kohl's 09-14-06)
Amanda Torrance, Mega Gouveia, and Emily Villano (Kohl's 12-31-06)
Amanda Torrance, Akii Lanier (Kohl's 03-02-06)
Amanda Torrance (Kohl's 2006)
Amanda Torrance (Kohl's 2006)
Amanda Torrance (Kohl's 10-05-06)
Amanda Torrance and Simone Villas Boas (Kohl's 12-31-06)

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