Sunday, September 7, 2014

Amanda Torrance, Part 2

Once again we present our favorite model of all time, the sweet and lovely Amanda! These carefully-selected and meticulously-scanned images all appeared in Kohl’s ads almost 8 years ago. As to where Amanda is these days, we are told she is living happily in California with her husband.

Amanda Torrance (Kohl's 11-24-06)
Amanda Torrance (Kohl's 01-01-06)
Amanda Torrance (Kohl's 11-24-06)
Mega Gouveia and Amanda Torrance (Kohl's 09-14-06)
Amanda Torrance, Mega Gouveia, and Emily Villano (Kohl's 12-31-06)
Amanda Torrance, Akii Lanier (Kohl's 03-02-06)
Amanda Torrance (Kohl's 2006)
Amanda Torrance (Kohl's 2006)
Amanda Torrance (Kohl's 10-05-06)
Amanda Torrance and Simone Villas Boas (Kohl's 12-31-06)

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