Sunday, May 20, 2012

Katie Zeller

Do you believe love at first sight? We do. And her name is Katie Zeller.

Ever since we spotted her in a Kohl's ad four years ago, this cute and spunky Asian model has captured our attention. Her long dark hair, adorable smile, and cute nose make her irresistibly charming.

Katie is from Walnut, California, a suburb of Los Angeles. She graduated in 2008 from Walnut High School, then majored in Geography & Environmental Studies at UCLA. Katie works for the MC2 Model Management in New York and has modeled in ads for Kohl's, JCPenney, Delia's, and even McDonald's.

Katie Zeller ( 2011)
Katie Zeller (Kohl's 11-09-08)
These two images are the first time we saw Katie. She's is photographed here with lovely Whitney Tock, who is doing her best to look like Nicole Kidman.
Katie Zeller with Whitney Tock (Kohl's 10-10-08)
Katie Zeller with Whitney Tock (Kohl's 10-10-08)
Katie Zeller with Whitney Tock (Kohl's 10-19-08)
Katie Zeller ( 2009)
Katie Zeller (
Katie Zeller (
Katie Zeller (JCPenney 12-15-11)
Katie Zeller (JCPenney 12-15-11)
Allison Lampert and Katie Zeller (Kohl's 12-26-08)
Katie Zeller with Chrissy Powell (Kohl's 04-26-11)
Katie Zeller (Kohl's 05-24-11)
Katie Zeller (Kohl's 09-04-10)
Katie Zeller (Kohl's 11-11-09)
Katie Zeller (Kohl's 11-09-08)
Katie Zeller (Kohl's 10-19-08)
Katie Zeller (Kohl's 12-28-08)

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