Sunday, April 28, 2013

Behind the Scenes

Ever wonder what it takes to put a photo shoot together? Today we take you on a behind-the-scenes tour of the photo studio and reveal the astounding secrets within. We thank the models for bringing us these up-close and personal images from their Twitter and Instagram pages. Without them this post would not be possible.

"Pj days at kohls!!" says Ginny.
Nalani Ravelo and Ginny Gardner ( 08-29-12)
Nalani Ravelo and Ginny Gardner ( 11-11-12)
The first photos was taken on August 29 and the appeared in print November 11. From that, we can conclude that there's about 10 weeks in Kohl's production schedule between the photoshoot and the printed ad.

Ginny: "Probably my fave outfit ever."
Ginny Gardner ( 08-29-12)
Here she is in the printed catalog, minus the pink fuzzy hat.
Ginny Gardner ( 11-11-12)

Remember, safety first!
Ginny Gardner and Nalani Ravelo ( 06-13-12)
Here's Nalani wearing the same outfit in the printed Kohl's ad 2 months later.
Nalani Ravelo ( 08-03-12)

Ginny gives us a quick 6-second glimpse of her Kohl's photo shoot with Vine.
"Getting swim cover ready" 17 Apr

Courtney Vogler with her friend Christine Gabel in the Kohl's dressing room.
Courtney Vogler with Christine Gabel ( 08-20-12)
Courtney Vogler with Christine Gabel ( 08-20-12)
Here's Courtney wearing the same outfit from the Kohl's website.
Courtney Vogler ( June 2012)

Courtney, you look good in glasses.
Courtney Vogler ( 08-20-12)

Maggie Duran and Ashley Moore pause for a photo in the Kohl's dressing room.
Maggie Duran and Ashley Moore ( 12-18-12)
Ashley Moore ( 05-07-13

 We're not sure what she's hiding under that robe.
Maggie Duran ( 12-18-12)
Gemmy Quelliz ( 05-06-13)

The stylists at Kohl's prep Quinn Gaillard for the cameras.
Quinn Gaillard (

Quinn, are you studying for school? Or reading for fun?
Quinn Gaillard (
Kohl's studio--this is were the magic happens.
Kohl's Studio, Milwaukee (
Kohl's Studio, Milwaukee (

Kohl's opens model facility
By Doris Hajewski of the Journal Sentinel April 7, 2008

Moving on from Kohl's we switch to a few behind-the-scenes photos from clothing retailer Delia's. Looks like they've had a model takeover on the set.
Hayley Wheeler and Jessica Pott (
Jessica Pott (
Those shots are looking good, Hayley.
Hayley Wheeler (
Hayley Wheeler (
Looks like Sandra on the monitor.
Sandra Kubicka (
Sandra Kubicka (

Chrissy Powell getting prepped for the cameras.
Chrissy Powell (
Chrissy Powell (

Hats off to the photographers, hair-dressers, makeup artists, graphic designers, and many talented people who work behind the scenes.

End of post.

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