Saturday, February 22, 2014


Target may have had their share of troubles lately, but some days their ads offer irresistible images of feminine beauty. Who would have thought that the old Red Circle could hire so many gorgeous models? Here are some of our favorite pages from Target ads from over the years. We've identified as many of the models as we can, but some are still a complete mystery to us.

( 08-18-13)
We wish we knew the name of this spunky girl with short hair. If you know her, send us a message.
( 08-11-13)

Jazzlyn Marae and Leza Gladkaya ( 08-11-13)
DOORBUSTER! With a faux-leather jacket, you can be just as cool as Hali Kai.
Hali Kai Burns ( 09-29-13)
Brittany Depriest ( 08-11-13)
Unknown models ( 04-21-13)
Unknown model, Ashley Perich, Katie Zeller, and Brittany Depriest (Target 08-12-12)
Ashley Perich ( 07-22-12)
Ashley Perich ( 12-25-12)

We've always had a thing for Olga. So it's always exciting to see her randomly show up in a Target ad.
Olga Estupinan ( 12-11-11)
Olga Estupinan ( 12-11-11)
Olga Estupinan ( 09-15-13)

(Target 08-25-02)
(Target 08-25-02)

And now for the beachwear!
( 01-30-05)
Brittany Depriest and Ashley Perich with unknown model ( 01-30-05)
That's Christine Gabel with Joanna Leonard on the far left and Brianna Gilchrist on the far right.
Christine Gabel and Brianna Gilchrist ( 03-07-13)
We only recognize Jazzlyn Marae on the far right. The spunky short-haired girl is second from the left.
Jazzlyn Marae and others ( 06-23-13)
Brianna Gilchrist is in the center and Joanna Leonard is to the right of her. (Many thanks to Brianna for identifying Joanna Leonard.)
Brianna Gilchrist, Joanna Leonard, and others ( 07-07-13)

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  1. target has gotten too much of a beating, and thank you for distracting their PR by redirecting it with the cutie pies. I want to know more about that spunk haired lady. and Olga - she never goes away and I like that!

    Steven (ex Bellazon member)