Thursday, January 1, 2015

Amanda Torrance, Part 3

We're starting off the new year with the incomparable Amanda Torrance. In this series of ads for Goody's stores, she is joined by the lovely Erin Williams. We should mention that we've always admired Erin for her enthusiastic spirit. Her and Amanda together make a winning combination for these ads.

Amanda Torrance and Erin Williams (Goody's 2006)
Erin Williams and Amanda Torrance (Goody's 07-27-06)
Erin Williams and Amanda Torrance (Goody's 2006)

Themed outfits from Goody's: Rockin' Blonde, Army Erin, and Cowgirl Amanda!
Unknown model, Erin Williams, and Amanda Torrance (Goody's 07-27-06)

And add to the collection: Preppy Erin, Eighties Girl, and Boxer Amanda!
Erin Williams, unknown model, and Amanda Torrance (Goody's 07-27-06)
Erin Williams with unknown models (Goody's 07-27-06)
Amanda Torrance with unknown models (Goody's 01-30-07)
Amanda Torrance (Goody's 07-27-06)

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