Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Epic Fail

As hard as we try to gather, collect, identify, and archive all the cuties from our favorite stores, sometimes mistakes are made. Regrettable mistakes. Irreversible mistakes.

Like when a family member throws out that catalog with the one and only image of our favorite model. Or when a glass of milk spills all over the newspaper ad destroying it beyond salvage.

Sometimes a critical piece of an online ad is missing and it’s discovered too late to retrieve it. For instance, this image from JCPenney with Haley Halter, an unknown model, and Lynden Orr. The section with Lynden's face is missing and without it, the ad cannot be stiched together. What a pity!
Lynden Orr, Haley Halter, and unknown model (JCPenney 11-28-13)
We do have some idea of what Lynden was supposed to look like. Here’s different photo taken from the same session.
Lynden Orr (JCPenney 12-01-13)

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