Sunday, April 17, 2016

Cuties from Kohl’s

Remember when the Kohl’s ads were good? Really good. Seems like we have to dig into the past to find the best images.

This week we’re featuring random cuties from Kohl’s, courtesy of our high-quality scanning technique. All of these images date from 2005 to 2011. And although we may not know everybody’s name, all of them are too cute to ignore.

Nina Agdal and Jessica Pott (Kohl's 10-21-11)
Jessica Pott, Brianna Gilchrist and Whitney Tock, and Lacey Nelson (Kohl's 11-09-11)
Unknown models, Barbara Herrera  (Kohl's 06-09-05)
Unknown models, Barbara Herrera  (Kohl's 06-09-05)
Unknown model, Cassie Ventura, and Barbara Herrera (Kohl's 06-09-05)
Barbara Stoyanoff, Barbara Herrera, and unknown model (Kohl's 06-16-05)
Unknown models, Kalyn Williams (Kohl's 07-12-07)
Mega Gouveia, Charo Ronquillo, and Stephanie Pearson (Kohl's 03-09-08)
Sandra Kubicka, Brianna Gilchrist, Lauren Layne (Kohl's 05-11-11)
Morgan Chelf, Ariel Corral, Mikel Ennis, and Skye Grayson (Kohl's 05-11-11)
Simone Villas Boas, Carrie Tivador, Carla Ossa, unknown models (Kohl's 06-07-07)
Brianna Gilchrist, unknown models (Kohl's 05-11-11)

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