Sunday, June 19, 2016

Back to School at JCPenney 2005

Back-to-school sales won’t start for a few more weeks. In the meantime we’re going back in time to visit Cassie, Elyse, Olga, and Cerelina preparing for high school. They end the day with a fantastic sleepover, complete with pink jammies, popcorn, and a cordless phone. Good times!

Cassie Ventura, unknown models (JCPenney 07-31-05)
Cassie Ventura, unknown model (JCPenney 07-31-05)
Unknown models (JCPenney 07-31-05)
Cassie Ventura (JCPenney08-12-05)
Elyse Taylor (JCPenney 08-12-05)
Elyse Taylor (JCPenney 07-24-05)
Elyse Taylor (JCPenney 07-31-05)
Elyse Taylor (JCPenney 07-31-05)
Cerelina Proesl (JCPenney 07-31-05)
Rachel James, Olga Estupinan, and Elyse Taylor (JCPenney 07-31-05)

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