Thursday, August 25, 2016

Kohl's Back-to-School Ad 2008

We’re traveling back eight years into the past when Kohl’s released several back-to-school ads featuring some now-famous actresses and a few not-so-famous-but-still-loved models.

Mak Weinman had a recurring role in Fox’s Gotham and Laura Harrier will be featured in the upcoming Spiderman movie. Conor Leslie has been in numerous films and TV dramas since she was 15.

Cecily Rodriguez and Whitney Tock still continue to model, while Mikel Ennis and Allison Lampert have moved on to other ventures.

There’s quite a diversity of talent on these pages. All the more loved as the years pass.

Allison Lampert (Kohl's 07-27-08)
Laura Harrier, Allison Lampert, Mikel Ennis (Kohl's 07-27-08)
Laura Harrier and Conor Leslie, Mak Weinman, unknown models (Kohl's 07-16-08)
Mikel Ennis, unknown model and Cecily Rodriguez, Whitney Tock, Laura Harrier (Kohl's 07-09-08)
Mak Weinman, Laura Harrier and Allison Lampert, unknown models (Kohl's 07-16-08)
Blakely Ashton,  Mikel Ennis, Whitney Tock (Kohl's 07-27-08)

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