Sunday, September 18, 2016

Back to School at Belk

The bell has rung. Class has started. And before the teacher begins to lecture, we present a few images from Belk’s new back-to-school ads. Some of our favorite cuties like Taylor, Haley, and Lynden are back this year, joined by relative newcomer Selina Bell. While these shots are certainly good, they’re not quite as exciting as the Quad Squad from 2014. Pay close attention. There will be a quiz afterwards.

Taylor Johnson, Selina Bell, Lynden Orr, and Haley Halter (Belk 08-05-16)
Haley Halter and Selina Bell (
Haley Halter and Taylor Johnson (
Haley Halter and Selina Bell, Taylor Johnson and Haley Halter (Belk 08-19-16)
Haley Halter and Taylor Johnson (Belk 08-19-16)
Lynden Orr (Belk 08-05-16)
Lynden Orr and Selina Bell (Belk 08-05-16)
Selina Bell and Haley Halter (Belk 08-05-16)
Lynden Orr and Haley Halter (Belk 08-05-16)
Selina Bell and Lynden Orr (Belk 08-08-16)
Haley Halter and Lynden Orr (Belk 08-08-16)
Lynden Orr and Haley Halter (Belk 08-16-16)
Taylor Johnson and Haley Halter, Taylor Johnson and Selina Bell, Haley Halter and Selina Bell (Belk 08-16-16)

Bonus photo! Here's Staci Lyon on her very first cover for Belk.
Staci Lyon (Belk 07-30-16)

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