Friday, April 14, 2017

S.O.S—Save our Sears

Like a sinking ship, our beloved store is slowly dropping below the horizon. From a major news outlet we get this paragraph:
Sears, an iconic department store chain whose name is as steeped in Americana as apple pie and Levi’s jeans warned that it might be going the way of the blue light special, uncertain that it can survive more than another year in the midst of the upheaval that has disrupted the retail industry.
Before you start humming “My Heart Will Go On,” here are a few of our favorite pages from Sears ads.

Anne Marie Kortright, unknown model, Erin Williams (Sears 03-23-13)
Unknown model, Nicole Boerner, Anne Marie Kortright (Sears 05-10-13)
Unknown models, Ella Horn, Jennifer Wadl (Sears 06-15-15)
Ariel Corral, unknown model, Julian Acevedo, unknown model (Sears 08-17-15)
Vanessa Hudgens, Ella Horn, Hali Kai Burns (Sears 08-14-14)
Ariel Corral, unknown model, Ella Horn, Eva Adams (Sears 12-08-14)
Annasophia Robb, Jordan, Taylor Johnson (Sears 08-11-14)
Eva Adams, unknown model, Taylor Johnson, Ella Horn (Sears 12-14-14)
Eva Adams, Kalli Dangerfield, Jordan, Taylor Johnson (Sears 03-22-15)
Jennifer Wadl, Maggie Duran, Chase Carter ( 2016)
Brandi Bondoc, Akii Lanier (Sears 12-10-12)
Unknown model, Eva Adams, Kalli Dangerfield, Ella Horn (Sears 12-12-14)
Taylor Johnson, unknown models (Sears 05-04-15)
Julia Mellor, unknown models (Sears 12-14-15)
Maria Montgomery, unknown model (Sears 12-14-15)
Maggie Duran (Sears 03-14-16)
Maggie Duran, Alexandra Collins, unknown models (Sears 03-14-16)
Lacey Nelson, unknown model (Sears 03-21-16)
Erin Williams (Sears 12-03-12)
Erin Williams (Sears 2010)
Erin Williams ( 2010)
Maria Montgomery, unknown models (Sears 02-01-15)
Akii Lanier, Maria Montgomery, Brianna Gilchrist (Sears 03-14-16)
Akii Lanier, Maria Montgomery, unknown models (Sears 05-10-13)
Maria Montgomery and Sharina Gutierrez (Sears 11-30-12)

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