Sunday, November 8, 2015

Amanda Torrance, Part 4

We return once again to one of our favorite models of times pastthe adorable Amanda Torrance! Much of her modeling work was for the Milwaukee-based Kohl’s department store. But she also worked occasionally for Sears and Kmart, headquartered in Chicago. Sears/Kmart uses (almost exclusively) models from the Ford Agency in Chicago for their advertising. Amanda was always a welcome addition to their weekly ad inserts.

Amanda Torrance (Kmart 2007)
Uknown model, Amanda Torrance, unknown model, Kate Johnson (Kohl's 10-05-06)
Amanda Torrance, unknown model, Emily Villano, Mega Gouveia (Kohl's 11-09-06)
Amanda Torrance, unknown model (Kohl's 11-24-06)
Amanda Torrance and unknown model (Kohl's 12-10-06)
Amanda Torrance, unknown model, Kate Johnson (Kohl's 12-10-06)
Amanda Torrance, Mega Gouveia (Kohl's 10-14-07)
Charo Ronquillo and Amanda Torrance (Sears 08-19-07)
Amanda Torrance (Sears 08-19-07)

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