Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Happy Black Friday 2015

It’s Thanksgiving again. And before the turkey can even digest, you have to rub the sleep out of your eyes and head out to the mall for the 4 a.m. sales.

JCPenney has a great ad this year (maybe not as good as last years), but still great. And a JCPenney ad wouldn’t be complete with our friends Elizabeth, Taylor, Jessica, Claire, and that hot Brazilian Simone.

Maybe next year, you tell yourself, you’ll skip the 4 a.m. sales and settle in for a long winter’s nap.

Jessica Raemy and Claire McNabb (JCPenney 11-27-15)
Elizabeth Sawatzky jcpenney (JCPenney 11-27-15)
Claire McNabb (JCPenney 11-27-15)
Jessica Raemy and Elizabeth Sawatzky (JCPenney 11-27-15)
Taylor Johnson (JCPenney 11-27-15)

Everybody’s looking good on page 60.
Claire McNabb, Jessica Raemy, Alicia Aguilar, Elizabeth Sawatzky (JCPenney 11-27-15)

Now here’s their close ups cut into individual images.
Claire McNabb, Jessica Raemy, Alicia Aguilar (JCPenney 11-27-15)
Elizabeth Sawatzky (JCPenney 11-27-15)
Jessica Raemy (JCPenney 11-27-15)
Simone Villas Boas (JCPenney 11-27-15)
Simone Villas Boas (JCPenney 11-27-15)

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